I feel that I was banned unjustly

Every time I try to sign in, it says that my account is banned for asking users to rate.
Im confused why I was banned for this because I was using gameflip for 2 years and had over 100 positive reviews but one person who claimed my code wasnt working (when i already sold 20 working codes in the past) gets to ban my entire account.
Any help is greatly appreciated

My advise is to contact Gameflip Support in link below. We normal buyers/sellers will not know what exactly happened nor can we help you find out what actually happened. Support can help you with that.
Provide all Information. They will ask for more information if required.

Just a few questions that might help

  1. Did you ask the user to rate before sending code?
  2. Did you ask the user to rate right after sending code?
  3. How did you know that the person who claimed your code wasn’t working was the person that got your account banned? Because you can only see the reason of not being to log in.
  4. The codes you sell, are they auto delivery or 1-3 days delivery time?

Old case that might be relevant - Suspended for asking users to rate before receiving item?

If neither question 1 and 2 applies to you, just submit a request to Support. All the Best!