Account Suspended | NO REPLY

Ticket (318130) | CODE: V6MXRT

They banned me for no reason, I had over 100 dollars in the account, and they blocked everything.
I sent the ticket, I did not receive any answers, and 6 days have passed.

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Join the club, brother. What reason was your ban? Mine was for “asking users to rate transaction before sending item or code.” The kicker: I have only ever listed AUTO DELIVER items where the buyer quite literally gets the code INSTANTLY, thus I could never even ask anyone to rate the transaction before getting the code because they get it instantly! SAD.

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stolen codes :expressionless:

I want an explanation.
Who should I contact?

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Quite a number of scammers would auto-deliver a message stating something like “Rate Positive and Code will be delivered”.

Did you do something like this?

NO :expressionless:

Just contact support and join the long list of others who have been wrongfully banned and are awaiting a reply.

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Support is pretty slow these days, without contacting an admin or moderator directly, it could happen that you have to wait a month for a reply.

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Where are they, is there a staff?
I’m getting angry.

Hello, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about your case. If you want, you may appeal to our support team by replying to the ticket you mentioned by sending proof that your codes are legit such as purchase receipts and so on.


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