Policy Update: Random Codes

We will be updating our policies to no longer allow “Random Code” listings to be sold on the Gameflip marketplace starting July 1st 2016.

After much deliberation and based on community feedback, we have come to the decision of restricting the sale of any product that buyers have no assurances of quality and characteristics. Starting July 1st 2016, any “Random” listing available on the marketplace will be deleted and the act of listing more, will be considered a violation of our policies.

If you have any further questions about this update, please do not hesitate to reach out.


So glad you guys updated this policy! Tired of seeing users get scammed when they buy a 25$ “premium random game code” and end up with a 20-cent game that has poor reviews. I believe this is a huge step in the right direction for this site.

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Now if only they would prohibit pokemon sales which is illegal to begin with its selling copyrighted material

This is something that we will be looking into as well.

pokemon sales of what?

The sales of pokemon from the game

Basically in-game items, but seems to be flooding the 3DS section as of late.

Tha sales of fake pokemon are getting really annoying. The worst part is that they claim to be real. And one of the pokemon sellers is a Featured store. I can’t believe it.

Think you guys will update yr policies to prevent the sale of PSN/Steam accounts? How about hacked GTA accounts?

I’m sure most of us don’t want to filter through that

Can you please elaborate more on why you say they are not real?

Yes, any account selling and especially hacking is prohibited. If you see any, please report the listing so we can take the appropriate measures with them.

Will do! Thanks for the quick response

Modern Retro (the biggest pokemon seller) claims to have every pokemon you want from the 700+. I mean, that’s possible, but when you consider the fact that they are ALL shiny, it seems a bit fishy. Not only that, they have perfect IV’s ( which is REALLY hard to get ) and whatever move you ask him to put to the pokemon. There are plenty of pokemon generators although a few work for online battling. And if you still are in doubt, he said something like (i dont remember exactly since it was 3 weeks ago) “No, the progam I use makes the pokemon compatible online”. So he just gave away himself there. Plus, he scammed me in something he purchased from me. He said he did not recieve it when the tracking nuber clearly says everything went fine and got to his house. now this big investigation is going on at USPS thanks to him saying he did not “recieve” the package.

Do you by any chance have screenshots of this conversation? If so, can you email Support with these so we can continue to investigate into this.