dumb question, i bought from a seller who was selling nintendo games at a much cheaper price than their msrp and...

I bought a few of those games, everything worked well and the codes worked for me. I bought them because the seller had great reviews at the time and I thought that I was getting a great deal so everything looked good to me. but I noticed that over the last two days that the seller had 2 negative feedback about how their Nintendo account were suddenly banned for using fraudulent codes. :confused:

Now I’m scared that my Nintendo account might get banned out of the blue for this. Is there anyway to prevent this? I had no idea stuff like this was even possible. And why is this even a thing? I already gave this seller a positive rating so I can’t get my money back, like is there anything I can do at this point?

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Any updates? My Nintendo account was banned. The seller seems to have closed up shop and ran.


So far nothing happened to me yet. I bought two games from the guy and after reading what’s going on, I’m already anticipating that I’m going to get banned soon. lol

If you don’t mind me asking, how fast were you banned after using the keys? was it just a few hours or was it days? Because I bought one game like on the 7th and the second one early yesterday and so far my account is still alive. I guess that’s what I get for cheapening out. But I never even thought that people here were using stolen keys. Though that’s my fault for being naive.

I wonder if Nintendo will spare me if I come to their costumer support before I get banned. lol They were helpful to me in the past, hopefully they can help me out. Like I wouldn’t mind losing the 70 or so dollars that it cost me to buy those 2 games, they could take both those games out of my account if it means keeping my Nintendo account lol

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From who did you purchase and what thing did you purchase? I have checked that you purchase Nintendo games and codes frequently

This guy, it doesn’t help that their account is now gone. lol

Something like this (not the exact same listing that I bought but similar enough:

I purchased Pokemon Sword (like on the 7th) and Three Houses (yesterday)

And yeah, I purchased some Nintendo products here in the past and they have served me well but I never saw any of the other sellers having bad marks because they were selling fraudulent codes unlike this guy.

Same thing as AfroThunderRule. I purchased Pokemon Sword on the 7th and Luigi’s Mansion 3 today (12-10) from a guy named Nintendoshop. I just found out that after redeeming Luigi’s Mansion 3, that my account was banned because the original buyer did a chargeback. I’m not sure what I can do here.

I redeemed a code on the 7th from the guy, and everything was fine. It was only after redeeming Luigi’s Mansion 3 and logging onto my Nintendo Switch about 5 hours afterwards that I received the notification that the account wasn’t usable. I’m assuming that the guy used stolen credit cards to buy the games (Apparently you can buy codes from the Nintendo eshop which I didn’t know you could do) and then whoever had their card stolen requested a chargeback. So, if you haven’t had your account banned yet, it may be because the person whose credit card the seller used might have not seen the purchases yet or has not requested the chargebacks yet.

I will only buy Nintendo codes and not game codes that are the one that are chargebacked

Wait, how do you know our purchase history?

I do not know about your purchase history I talked with you in the comment of one of your listings and I asked for your Nintendo ID to play with you but you did not respond after asking , you are mago with a dog mii

Thanks to these disaster people learn new things

Just letting you know that I’m in the same boat(though my account was banned like a day after I redeemed it) and it’s really frustrating. I’ve been trying to contact Nintendo to see if there is a way I can like buy a new license for the game or something and get my account back. I also already gave a positive rating so I’m SOL on that end too.

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Curious to see how this plays out. I purchased from the very first small batch of Pokemon codes on the 7th. The seller was still called “sellergiftcard” at the time but they changed their name later in the day to “Nintendoshop” after they flooded Gameflip with Switch game codes. So far I haven’t been banned. I guess it’s possible some were fraudulent and some weren’t? Or maybe it’s just a matter of time before Nintendo bans everyone?

For those that have been banned, please share any news on your progress with Nintendo or Gameflip.

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HI mates, I just realized the seller was sellergiftcard which is a seller that changed its name to nintendoshop and I was scammed with a borderlands 3 code and now the seller is scamming too much people with Nintendo eShop games code

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Happily I received my refund

Seller is already banned, let’s celebrate

Were they banned? Or did they close up shop and run?

Banned, because I cannot see their profile as the frequent error when someone is banned

When did the Borderlands thing go down? Recently too? Do you get a refund on the basis that the seller was banned?

Over two weeks ago, It took 1.5 months to gets revoked and yes I submitted a ticket to get my issue solved