User Panda for switch games

Any news on user Panda and switch games

User Scgaming had some dialogue going on listing items as a way getting people to comment but the posts have been removed

Heads up I was refunded by gameflip but Nintendo can’t do anything until one of the games I purchased get charged back

I sent a Switch game voucher to a friend and their account got suspended for unauthorized voucher. My friend is awaiting an email from Nintendo to reply to with all the screenshots but they said it will take 7 -10 days to find out what they decide to do with the account suspension

Make sure to take screenshots of everything

I wasn’t taken any chances of my account getting banned. So what I did is send a message to gameflip telling them I was worried about my account being banned and they refunded me all my money from each switch seller. Idk if the person legit or not and I’m not taken no chances. Nintendo already aware of this issue and if your worried I would call Nintendo before they hit you with a ban

I did a chat and called Nintendo, they had gave me reference #s to take down for each chat and call but said they couldn’t do anything until I get a chargeback on one of the games.
Once a suspension hits I can call back, get an email from a rep to reply to with all the info and screenshots.
But there’s no guarantee what they will do with my account.

They told me the same thing and got a reference # too. I guess it’s a waiting game now. I didn’t know it was issues with Nintendo keys never had an issue with xbox or ps4


Is there a way to keep a thread open it looks like the seller panda sold at least 150 switch games that will be charged back as well as seller Goldie Banks

The games panda were all sold at $38.99

It might not be for a few days or weeks but buyers are going to be looking for answers after thier Nintendo accounts get banned or suspended


Have you reported him via Support yet?
Just include screenshots and proof.

As my previous reply, sellers are currently not allowed to sell Nintendo digital games until further notice. They will get warnings first but if they continue, Support will do what’s right.

Apparently you cannot find his profile anymore which means his been suspended.

If any questions regarding that, do contact Support first as well.

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Thank you

Support has prompt in getting back to me and cancelled the orders I had with the seller Panda

Probably will be a few days before the funds return to my bank

But the Nintendo suspension is still looming and my friend is still a week out before Nintendo decides what to do with thier account

I haven’t heard back from Nintendo but I just sent them screenshots on Saturday. Hopefully I can get my account unbanned

My friend sent the screenshots I had taken of seller, purchase and refund/cancelled by gameflip on Tues April 28 but was told to wait 7 to 10 business days for a response

I’m reading suspension and banning are 2 different levels for accounts I hope you just got a suspension

Just an update

Sat May 1 one of the game I bought was reported so i was able to call Nintendo. They had my previous communication on record and forwarded my call to a supervisor who dealt with these matters. I went over my story and was emailed a few minutes after my call.

“As we discussed, please reply to this email and attach the following:
-A clear image of your receipt or proof of purchase of the download code
-A clear image showing proof of refund from the seller or proof of dispute filed with your bank
As soon as we receive your reply, we will look into your request further. We will call you or notify you over email at that time.”

Note: Get screenshots from a computer not your phone
And gameflip was great throughout the whole process

Just wondering what game was it?

I just got suspended today for my copy of Pokemon Sword from Goldie Banks.
I also purchased Mario Kart 8 and Luigis Mansion 3 from Panda, who is gone.
And I have another transaction from Charlie D for Yoshi’s Crafted World

Submitted a support ticket today, really hoping to get this suspension resolved

My friend who got suspended still is, so I would say over a week until you hear back from Nintendo regarding thier decision. My friend it is was animal crossing mine was Pokemon sword

Anything from sellers
Goldie Banks

Is going to get your Nintendo account suspended eventually, all depends on when the creditcard they used issues a chargeback. Get your stuff together now and have a call/chat logged with Nintendo is my advice

Gameflip processed my refund for all 4 games on the same day as I submitted my Help Desk Ticket

Important Information From From Nintendo

  1. Report any suspected chargeback in advance. If you report it before the chargeback occurs, it will stop them from permanently banning your account in the case of repeat occurrences. If you do not warn Nintendo in advance, any subsequent chargeback will result in a permanent ban.

  2. Due to COVID and working from home, the team is falling behind. Turnaround times are up from 2-3 business days to 7-10 business days.

  3. There is no way to remove a suspected game from your profile. I redeemed 4 games on my account, so there is a chance that I will need to wait to have my account re-enabled 4 times. I’ve submitted proof of refunds for all 4 games, but Nintendo stated they would not be able to remove the games from my account unless a chargeback occurs. If another chargeback occurs, I will need to wait another 7-10 business days for my account to be enabled for each occurrence

Gameflip was great through this process too bad these scammers got away with it and ruined it for so many of us. The worst part for me is that I bought two games that I didn’t even care for and had to buy a physical edition of animal crossing to be able to game as all of my digital games were not playable even the archived ones.

Sent everything Nintendo requested
7 days since my suspension, 10 days for my friend we are both still under review

any updates?

It’s been 7 days since I sent over my screenshots I’m just waiting on them to lift the ban