Listings of Nintendo digital games are no longer allowed

Hello Flippers,

Recently we have identified users facing issues with their Nintendo accounts and, to protect both Gameflip and Nintendo communities we have temporarily suspended the support of Nintendo digital game sales within the Marketplace.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any ETA on when this suspension will be over, but I’ll keep you posted regarding any news about this.

Meanwhile, you may check our Nintendo Gift Cards section for all your Nintendo needs:

Also, I’d recommend everyone that has a Nintendo account and doesn’t have 2FA enabled to enable it since this helps to avoid any issues in regards to your Nintendo account. Please check the following link on how to do it below:

In case you have encountered issues after redeeming Nintendo game codes, please contact us via our ticket page:



Is it safe to buy Nintendo eShop gift cards?


I can still see sellers trying to sell Nintendo games (specifically ACNH in this case) by using another console platform (Xbox) or no platform

Sellers are Warriors and Sell Key Game.

btw I remember Nintendo games were recently just unbanned and sales resumed …about 3-4 months ago right ? (because they had been blocked before)

I spoke with Gameflip about this the day I contacted them for the refunds… Sent them the same attachment. They told me still not allowed and thanked me for reporting these sellers. :woman_shrugging: