Nintendo Banned my account

A purchase I made on here were from a seller using either a stolen credit card or stolen codes. That have since been revoked due to the credit card used to initially buy those codes reported a chargeback.

What recourse do I have?

The seller (Nintendoshop) has already been removed from Gameflip.

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Did you file a claim with Gameflip?

I advise u contact Support in link below.
Put every information that you have + proof.
If they need anything more, they will always reply you to ask for more information if required.


Yeah I did that this weekend. I sent them a copy of the email with Nintendo asking for proof of refund and the game in question.

Ironically the person who sold the game is no longer available, so I’m wondering if Gameflip banned them from selling already.

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Replying to your qn, if you can’t find the seller anymore, it means the account has been banned and he can’t access his gameflip account anymore. As said on one of my other replies to someone else, I also experienced this before.

A purchase I made also got my account banned after 1 month of using the code. I mean, I don’t know why it took 1 month but the reason for ban is ‘Stolen Gift Card’. Like literally got banned after 1 month of nothing happening. You will still be able to get a refund from gameflip as long as all proof is there and clear and you give whatever evidence that the support team requires.

All the Best!



Thanks that really helps ease my concern over losing my Nintendo account forever! I almost had a mental breakdown when it first happened.

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Hey . Are u new Moderator?
I have some unfair bad rates can u delete for me or i need to wait for Dark Knight? ( I already msg him but no respond)

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No, I am not Moderator. Just a Buyer/Seller that is very Active In Forums. I try to help people by advising them what they can do based on my knowledge.
As wrote above, Best to contact Support if you want unfair bad ratings removed faster.
From what I seen, Mods do not come on daily here so contacting Support is faster. But if you want to wait for Mod, it’s okay too because both ways will work as long it is indeed unfair bad ratings. All the Best!


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So is this still a mayor issues? Cause I was planning on buying an eshop card but don’t know which seller is reliable and I don’t want to risk getting my account banned.

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My purchase happened before the temporary removal of Nintendo sales…it just happened to get revoked much long after.

So are any Nintendo game sellers legit?

I was also recently banned from my Nintendo account after redeeming a code purchased ~2 weeks ago from a seller on here. I already contacted support about this issue through zendesk. Hope I will get a response soon.

you guys mention gift cards, but the only cases reported of ban are from game codes for the nintendo switch due to chargebacks(stolen credit cards). Can u post the seller name store and confirm if it was a gift card or game code card of nintendo? thanks

I purchased a game code (Fire Emblem) from “NintendoShop”.

Edit: I called Nintendo again and they confirmed the chargeback was for a different game code (and hence different seller) than I originally thought. The corrected game/seller is now listed above. This code was purchased 4 months ago and I was just banned just yesterday. Seems this is a common seller that has been problematic for others.

thanks, for confirmation, I and others from forum said on previous related topics since january, to avoid purchasing nintendo game code unless is a extremely reliable seller with a lot of purchase(just to be sure 3 digits or more reviews seller) hope.u get unban soon and ur refund in case u have not soon

I’ll say this Gameflip was great to deal with they responded quick and didn’t give me any trouble on their side. All together took a tad over a week to get back with my Nintendo account

Glad to hear you had success with support and that you got back your account relatively quickly. Hoping it will go as smoothly for me as well.

My Nintendo account was finally unbanned today. Thanks Gameflip for your prompt support in helping to resolve this issue.

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