Gameflip is selling ilegal games

Hello there, this is the second time it happens to me that I got an account suspended because of buying nintendo switch games from sellers who stole a credit card, The first time was my fault because the price of the item was crazy low, but this time I bought the game at his full price and yet I had another account suspended. I lost over 400$ value on those accounts because of this, Gameflip gives back my money of the purchase but, at what cost?

Have you contacted Nintendo? I too got suspended again. I should have learned my lesson the first time.

I didn’t get a response from them yet. But is ridiculous because Gameflip is not safe to buy nintendo games!

Did you buy from a seller called cyb3r?

Yep that’s the one! There is already another suspicious guy selling the games for 30-40$

A lawsuit lol let’s take it back to reality.

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  1. Gameflip is aware of the situation.
  2. Account of the scammer is already suspended.
  3. Once you rate, you are done. Nintendo suspend after 1-2 weeks, the seller already even spend the money at that point.
  4. Gameflip doesn’t help with anything besides giving you, your money back!

I too had my nintendo account banned as well. Just let gameflip know and they will give you you’re money back and call Nintendo. Nintendo will ask you for screenshots of the transactions and unban you with a warning. I dont buy Nintendo games from 3rd parties anymore. Only bestbuy, gamestop, amazon, and nintendo themselves.

What kind of screenshots did you send to nintendo?

You Know a lawsuit cost more than getting a new account or game. If anything you would take the person to small court claims assuming they live in the country. Lawsuits aren’t happening like they show on tv.

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Gameflip aren’t selling illegal games, a seller is. It’s no different than Ebay in that regard, you buy from respected sellers…

Agree plus this is something that can happen in the “grey market”

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