Account suspended please help

Please help me i sold a game a few days ago , today the buyer rated me i tried to rate him but every time this message apper
Account suspended
i sold about 4 products
please help me i cant receive my money or use them !!

My name is NiTRO |TRADING|
please fix my account.!

This is something Gameflip does, they’ll keep your money now. I’ve seen four or five topics where people with $100+ in their account get banned. The one thing I find funny is that they cited it as gift card fraud for most of those people and even went so far as to change their “rules” about selling gift cards, yet here’s someone selling $50 eShop gift cards for $943 and “people” are buying it. Wonder how he is providing proof? And what about the guy who sells fake Pokemon that is part of their staff now apparently and is able to view support tickets?

I don’t trust Gameflip at all, which is why I request payouts after every $5-10.

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Same thing happened to me today. Literarly got suspended for no reason. Somebody called me a scammer overnight, and when I was about to reply how they are wrong, my account gets suspended, I cant send out my sold items, rate done trades or withdraw my money.

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Yep, I had $240 in my account and requested to transfer it to my PayPal and today I got an email it had been cancelled then I go to log into my account and it tells me it’s suspended. Is there anyway I’m getting my money or account back?

Can you please PM me so I can check your account for you? Also, please send me your invite code. Thanks!

Can i just cash out my money and get this over with? Please