Scammed out of sunbeam

I emailed gameflip but I never got a reply i have evidence that he scammed me


Can I suggest that you post up your Invite Code and the Transaction ID for the purchases that you are referring to in this thread.

This will assist the Moderators in finding your account and the transaction that you are referring to.

I would also raise a dispute on this transaction. Here is a guide if the transaction is ongoing:

If your transaction is complete then you can raise a complaint/ticket with Gameflip here:

Yours appear to be done so you can raise a ticket here: 1

I would suggest either attaching a file/screen shot or using snipping tool to produce an image of any correspondence/evidence to support your claim/issue.

For those of us who like to actively Block scammers could you possibly post up a hyperlink for their Gameflip profile.

It might also do you no harm to contact one of the Moderators by PM

They do not work during the weekends so it’d be Monday before you likely hear anything back.

Good Luck. Hope you get sorted. :+1:


Thank you and do I reply to this email with the detail?

I would post it here in the forums but when you open a ticket I’d copy and paste the same material into it.

My bad I thought I replyed and my invite code Is ULSRCT
and the order number is 83957934-0be4-44fd-b38e-10d3c77fac0a

Thank you in advance

Hello! I just answered you.


Thank you and can you give me a minutes I’m taking screen shots

Alright I just replied thank you for helping me

So can yall help me get my money back

Hello, if you haven’t done so already, please PM, I’ll be able to help you through there.


It tells me I can’t send personal message to that user

I just sent the pm

Hey ,why cant I sell?

@Victor_Morales read this thread

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