Updated requirements to sell within Gameflip


How can i add a debet card i can only add a creditcard


Add debit card is the same as adding credit card. Visually, there’s no difference between the two.


pls fix the phone verifications, its been over 24hr and i allready was verified before… i sold over 3000$ in csgo items before.


Just 1 of the requierements.



Hello! Can you PM me and tell me about your issue so I can look into this further?



I have already PMed you about my issue its been 2 days can you solve my issue?


Awesome! I am with you. You said exactly what I wanted to say


when i tried to add my visa is said account suspended
my code is 4GTWGY


Your account got suspended since you were asking the users to rate the transaction before sending the item/code.

Therefore a permanent suspension was placed in your account.