Cant post any listings

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How can a new seller list anything if

You have a long and successful track record of selling on Gameflip

is a rule now?


Please read what is written within the FAQ:

To list and sell items on Gameflip, your Gameflip account must meet one of the following conditions:

You have added a credit or debit card to your Gameflip account (prepaid card is not included). Simply go to Menu > Settings > Payment to add a credit/debit card
You have added funds into your account after Jul 26, 2018
You have been ID verified
You have a long and successful track record of selling on Gameflip

So, if you are new here, you can follow the other requirements to properly list your items.


FAQ updated:

So i can’t add a credit card .

Error: Credit/debit cards from ‘BR’ are not supported.

My card is international,i use it in most websites and even other in game marketplaces so WTF ?

Also my paypal is blocked ( Got chargebacked and scammed )

Can a id verification and bitcoin save me ?

In order to avoid this you may use PayPal instead.


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Official announcement:

I have 60 good reviews, shouldn’t that be enough? I am also from Puerto Rico so my credit card isnt supported, and I dont use paypal or anything like that

@abominatic, you have a good set of reviews, but your account is pretty new as I just checked.
You will need to follow the other requirements.


Hello!I live in Russia and i am cant verify my id, I have long been selling stuff on gameflip

How can I solve this problem for me?

@DunnBiscuit Can I continue to sell the codes by transferring $ 5 to my account?

Hey @DunnBiscuit if i just put my paypal in will i be able to keep selling items?

@DunnBiscuit my inv TYBA6X

@DunnBiscuit what do I have to do to get id verified

Also I have 38 good reviews and one meh

The meh is because after I sold this kid his item he asked me to drop all the stuff I had for sale and I refused and told him I would send him a screenshot, I do not have a debit card or a way to add funds to my account. I started the beginning of this month and have been nothing but legit I would like to continue selling.

my code 5h4bjf

Hey @Malokyi14, just see one of the requirements below:

  • You have added funds into your account after Jul 26, 2018

If you add funds, you may continue listing your items.


Hey @G44RA, unfortunately not.

You need to either add funds to your account or add a valid credit/debit card to it.


@DunnBiscuit At you what that problems with replenishment through paypal, I can not fill up:плакать:

Hello, you may follow the instructions within the link below to get your ID verified:


I’m also having this problem as well. My paypal is already attached but it won’t let me add funds from my paypal. My card is prepaid, won’t work.

Invite code: ELEWUD

My ID is expired as well and I won’t be able to renew for a while (unpaid speeding ticket).

Please help! Thank you.

I have the same problem. I added funds after Jul, 26 to my Account via Paypal and it said “Under Review” after one day gameflip told me to send:

  1. A photo of the front and back of your driver’s license or state issued identification card that shows your photo and address held in your hand. We cannot accept passports.
  2. A photo of your phone bill with the phone number registered to your PayPal account
  3. One photo showing your ID and a handwritten sign that states “I approve this $5 Gameflip purchase” and your signature. Take the photo holding both next to your face.

Although they clearly said: “your Gameflip account must meet one of the following conditions”

But thats not all. I wrote to the Support, why am i supposed to send all these information for a ingame items platform, although i already tried to add funds to my Account. Well, after 12 hours i got the notification that my Paypal transaction has been cancelled. I tried to log in to my Gameflip Account and it says it’s suspended.
Invite Code: BF4ARA Im not sure if this is the right Code, because i cant log in anymore ha ha…