how i can sell on gameflip?

Hi, im New user.
I wanted to sell octane on gameflip but it says that i have to verify my account.
I put my Phone and credit card.
What is the Next step.
What i need to sell in gameflip?
I have to add funds? How much money?

Did you verify your email and phone number?

Yeah! But it said that i cant sell.

Before you can list an item, your account needs to be qualified.
Thats the problem.

I’m not sure why.

I guess you would need to wait for @DunnBiscuit to answer you or other person who knows.

I never had it issues but I been with this site for sometime.

Lucy :heart:

Thank you.
I dont add any funds on my account.
Maybe is the reason that i cant sell.

In order to sell you’ve to be ID verified. Submit ID verification process here

I add my number Phone and credit card.
What i need to add more?
I need to add selfie and document photo?
Or i can choose to send only credit card photo?

I want to say you have to do both one of the card and one of you holding it it should tell you what it needs from you

ok, so i make a selfie with a paper id writing on, photo of my document like drive license and photo of my credit card.
is that right?

If you’re trying to verify your things you would go Here

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Read this