Account suspended!? [HELP]

I just got back after a month of inactivity and I can’t login. The function to login using gmail is hidden and nowhere to be found and I tried resetting my account using my phone number, all I got was “Your account doesn’t exist.”

SERIOUSLY, GAMEFLIP!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? AT LEAST GIVE ME AN EMAIL WHY MY ACCOUNT GOT DELETED/SUSPENDED. You’re making me mad, I remember I still have money on my account.

What’s worse is, I CAN’T EVEN USE THEIR CSSUPPORT BECAUSE I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER MY INVITE CODE. Come on, gameflip! Is this really how you do service!?

Do you mind sending me via PM the phone number you used to register your account so I can try to locate it and give you more information?


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