Any New Codes? If you know, thanks

Any new codes?

TGIM isn’t working anymore?


%10 Discount Code : FCF5WLXX up to 5$

%5 Discount Code : WBTXJDG9 up to 5$
Both max 5$ and one time use for one order


Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Both worked. Thanks much! Where do you get these codes, BTW? :slight_smile:

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they are old codes of last year from the app when it was running promotional videos if I remember right

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Wow, if so, those are definitely some long-lasting ones…


they have infinite use (1 per user)
its a one time use coupon they gave to everyone, only if they look for it :slight_smile:

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You mean the ones that Gameflip used to text to users? Haven’t gotten any that way for a while now.

Are there any other such codes available? How do I find them? Thanks in advance for the education.

Hello @Shop1 ,

He meant the ones (two codes) that was mentioned.
As per @Lightwolf_1030 mentioned, the two mentioned codes are the 2 only codes that can be used by new users/users that never used it before (one use only per user) that never expire unless they decide to remove it.

You can find codes from Gameflip twitter from time to time. They also do text users time to time as well like you mentioned. All available codes are usually posted on forums by people. All have expiry time/limited uses. Only the two mentioned do not and only one time per user.

If any further questions, message me directly. Topic is about New codes. Thank you.


Any new codes?

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@Sparkling_Juice is there a way to still get the ads that give you codes?


As mentioned in my previous post, no. Those are the only two. They came from video rewards from the Gameflip mobile app last year. If there are new codes that is for everyone, from sources already mentioned, people will most likely post it on forums as well so do check out the forums everyday I guess.

Please stick to your Topic Title as mentioned above too. If other questions, do just make a new Topic/Message directly. Thanks :slight_smile:


AINGA4 for %25 off in game item only $5max