Any Payoneer user? question about withdraw.

I was reading the Payoneer terms of service, and they seems to be a bit picky in what they consider legal because of that they might ask for verification or something to know the source of the payment.

So did it ever happened to you using Gameflip? If yes, what kind of proof you have to provide?

Hello bro, Your ID card, Also your Phone bill

Hey!. That’s what Gameflip asks for one to be a sell isn’t? I want to know what payoneer might ask as a proof that I am not selling anything that they consider ‘‘illegal’’.

Ohhh, they ask you for info about your email? right

i don’t think so since gameflip is affiliated with payonner , any withdrawl from gameflip won’t be flagged as fraud or anything

PS : i have used payonner for a while back in 2013-2015 … they don’t ask for any proof from payments.
for account confirmation process,they ask for ID card, phone bill ect and stuffs like that , nothing else

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They aks only id verification
If you linking with gameflip not will ask payment sources no worry

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Hopefully not, made my first attempt to payout today, lets see what happens.