Awesome Fortnite Save the World items at my shop!

Hey guys! Just letting everyone know that I sell high tier weapons and rare material over at my Fortnite shop :grin: . If youโ€™re into StW then drop by sometime and check out what I got!

My Profile -

Some Listings

Heres a list of guns I can make
130 Sunbeam Grave Digger (Fire)
130 Brightcore Mercury LMG (Energy)
130 Seigebreaker (Water)
106 Obsidian Easter Egg Launcher (Energy)
106 Shadowshard Hydra (Energy)
106 Obsidian Jack-O-Launcher (Fire)
106 Shadowshard Old Smokey (Water)
106 Obsidian Snowball Launcher (Water)
106 Shadowshard Terminator (Fire)
106 Obsidian Whisper .45 (Water)
82 Malachite Pressure Cutter (Nature)

Thanks for looking! :kissing_closed_eyes: