Bulk Giftcard Buyers wanted

Im Looking to work with a person(s) or/and a Company
on a type of giftcard or variety of giftacards such as Ebay,Itunes,Googleplay,Walmart,Vanilla,Homedepot, or any specified type of giftcard.I can supply bulk daily with a discount percentage range between 10% to 20% off.You can mail me on Porschemims@gmail.com…Honesty is a requirement.End users preferably…Thanks and hope to work with you

Hello Porsche,

I’ve seen that you have already posted a topic about this. One discussion about the same topic is enough. For your specific needs, I’d go to sellers and ask. This forum is more for solving problems and questions, rather than the business aspect. That said, feel free to continue. Anything can be done, as long as it does not breach the rules and guidelines.


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hi i am looking for bulk amazon gift cards are you able to do that?

Since your asking interested people to email you instead of directly DM you on forums or Gameflip comment (Under Listings)

Just a Gentle Reminder VVV

You can only advertise what your selling on Gameflip. If using forums to advertise any sales outside of Gameflip or Business, it is not allowed. Thanks.

sent you an email