Fallout 76 on Gameflip?

With the new Fallout game coming out soon, i think Gameflip should add a category to sell in game items in there too, the game support trading and everything, what do you think?
Hope to get a response even from a guy from Gameflip too.

That doesnt happen right off the bat. First people have to know if we even need it. Is there a high demand? Are people willing to sell? Or is it a hype that will die out in a few month.
Without these information, making a new category is not necessary :slight_smile:

That’s right, only time will answer, but i think It should be considered, there’s some potential for sure, we will see :grinning:

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Thanks for the suggestion.

We will study the game to see what can be done here.

Thanks to you for your reply! :blush: