Favorite upcoming superhero movie?

I know this app is about video games but I just wanted to know what is your favorite upcoming superhero movie. I would have to say probably captain america civil war. What about you guys?

Deadpool all the way.

Dead pool does look good but the comedic stylings of Ryan Reynolds might ruin that for me.

Oh I can’t believe I forgot about deadpool. I can’t wait for that also.

It looks like everyone is on the Deadpool hype train (which I am too haha), but I think personally the top one i’m looking forward too for next year would be X-Men: Apocalypse! I’m very intrigued about Suicide Squad tho.

Suicide squad looks badass. Dead pool looked good until I seen Ryan Reynolds and his lousy attempt at comedy.

I’m liking all movies listed so far, but I really want to see X-Men when it comes out as Days of Future Past drew me back in after Last Stand lost me.

Deadpool is great.
But not for kids to watch.

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