First Fortnite shop that openly endorses FLP!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that FLP is officially backed by one of the biggest sellers in the Fortnite StW community. If you’re new to Fortnite Save the World and need guns, materials, or general advice, stop by my profile and leave a comment. Over the next week I’ll be adjusting listings to accept FLP. Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

FLP is the new way to buy & sell your items on Gameflip. Powered by the Ethereum network, FLP utility tokens can now be used to pay for items, list and receive payments, make deposits and withdrawals on Gameflip.

Learn more about FLP here:

For help with FLP look here:

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Hi, can you accept FLP from the app?

You should be able to buy any item of mine like usual using FLP with the official Gameflip App.

That is awsome! Welcome do the FLP world @Vanilla!

I guess FLP is still not supported in the app. As I only see it in the website.

Not yet supported in the Android app, but the latest iOS app does.