Fix the listings system

Okay so I was selling my knife and other items and I listed my knife exactly 50.00 but the system is so glitchy it put it as 5.00 and it was via bot so someone bought it and I couldn’t get it back… FIX THE LISTING SYSTEM… I know its new and stuff but like make it more less bugs/glitchy… Thanks alot… ;(

Can you please elaborate a bit more on the issue and what feature you are referring to so I can better understand what area to help look into?

So well when you accept your item and the bot has it now it sometimes lag or glitches so I click the process button and it duplicates and the item and another item so they are the same. Another thing is that when you edit or change some of the prices it doesnt count the sometimes 0 so like what happen to me above is the case.

For the first issue, could you email Support with screenshots if possible and if you have any current examples of the issue send us the ID number for those listings too.

As for the price edit, I completely agree that this is a nuisance sometimes and have brought this up to the engineers before. Unfortunately I forget exactly what they said about this and why it happens, but will bring it up again.