Fortnite Xbox one account

I want to sell my Fortnite xbox one account. How can i do this?
Fortnite account lvl 97
Collection book lvl 165
7 lvl 130 wapons
2 lvl 106 wapons
1 lvl 130 trap
A few lvl 106 traps
Many heroes lvl 130,…
2400 v bucks
Brightcore, sunbeam, shadow crystal, obsidian ore, malachite,…

Can’t sell accounts here.

You will be suspended if you sell an account on the Gameflip platform.

It is against the Terms and Conditions.

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Ok, but you can find Fortnite accounts for sell here on gameflip.

Yes, when you see listings like that report them and move on. They’ll be suspended eventually.

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