Gameflip Website Open Beta

Website Open Beta

I wanted to officially open the invite for everyone to try out our new web client! We’ve been working tirelessly to put together a fully functional website in which you can do everything (and more), just like the app.

We hope this will let users have more freedom and accessibility to easily buy and sell on Gameflip! There’s still a lot more work and polishing to do, so expect little changes/additions to happen on the fly.

Please feel free to report any bugs, suggestions, feedback or issues that you come across on this thread while using the website so we can address them.

Access the Beta here:


This new set up looks beautiful! And it’s nice to have it look like the app, makes it feel seamless at the same time as shiny new!

Can’t wait to see what the community will think when this is fully out :slightly_smiling:

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VERY nice! when i get a chance i will be listing more stuff!

it’s def a needed tool for the high volume sellers

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Glad to hear you guys have been liking it so far. We definitely wanted to focus on the Selling aspect of things and make it more efficient, as we knew there were a lot of restrictions with the app on this side.

Please do let me know if you come across any issues, or have suggestions!

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is there a log in issue now?

i have been using the beta site for a while now and it has been working fine.

but just now i couldnt log in via my usual facebook log in. when i click on sign in it acts like i am trying to sign up.

UPDATE: never mind its working now.

Yeah, sorry about that! Looks like there was an issue with when making some updates, but like you said, everything should be back up and running now. I apologize about the inconvenience that this has causes.

its acting up again. if you guys know already then never mind. keep up the good work

Which way are you logging into your account? I was also getting a “fetch” error when trying to login through Facebook, but logged out and logged back in on my actual Facebook account and it worked. Let me know if that helps for you as well.

i was logging in via facebook earlier

i just tried again and i logged in ok via FB without any issues

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I have a question. There is a seller who was selling farcry 5 for $15.00. I thought great deal. Well you know the whole policy dont rate the seller till you inspect the item. The seller sends a message rate then ill send. What i want to know is. Is it true if you rate the seller a sad face will you get refunded? Or just the seller canceling the order. B
c he tells me he doesnt feel like canceling the order

Here’s how it works:

Basically, you complete the transaction (no refunds) if you rate the seller, regardless how you rate.

By the way, don’t open a 2-year old thread for a new question!

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