Hello Gameflip!


My name is Ryan, and I just pretty much figured out how to use the forums finally :smiley: So anyway, I’m pretty much just selling games right now, since I don’t have the funds to buy any at the moment (but we all know that feeling) and Just figured that I’d come down here and say hi.

I’m a all around gamer, I’ll try most any games minus sports…nothing fun about playing a game about watching other people watching a computerized game i my opinion :wink: The Games that I sell are always in the best quaintly possible, if if it’s any less quality I’ll just take it to GameStop (mostly for the points in my Pro membership).

And I am willing to haggle on any price as long as it’s within a reasonable range.

Mmmm, not much else to say I guess, never really was good at writing these kinds of things up so I’ll just end it here.

Nice meeting you!
Ryan - AKA Raxynus

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Thanks for joining us Raxynus!! Good to have you :smile:

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Welcome to the community Raxynus!! Glad to see that you finally figured out the forums. We’re still learning the ins and outs of it too lol It took me a while to understand it as well since the forum we’re hosting through isn’t a typical forum layout. But does has some cool features.

Thanks for being a part of Gameflip and if you have any question about anything, please feel free to reach out!

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Welcome Raxynus!

It’s great to have you and we hope that you’re having a great experience with Gameflip so far!

WHYYYYYYYY??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :skull:
HAHA It’s okay. I’d better shoot monsters anyway :japanese_ogre:

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Thanks everybody!

And op_JOkEr, it’s just mostly because they bore me…minus Mario Cart XD But hey, I’m waaaaaay better at RPG kind of stuff then sports anyway. Shooters I’m ok with, but I don’t play often enough to get really good with them. My only shooter that I’m ok with is Dust 514, but I don’t know anybody else that plays enough that can play on a squad with me…which is weird since I’m apart of a guild for the AJSA (Angry Joe Show Army) lol