HElp me pls T^T

Ive been trying to buy a dota 2 item for hours now using bots but all i got is T^T pls help me


This error message usually means that your Steam inventory is full. Please check your inventory to double check and may need to make some space.

Also, please make sure your Steam trade URL is up to date. To update your Steam URL go to the Gameflip main menu, click on Settings, click on Steam Connect, and paste your Steam URL into the resulting window.

You must use the trade URL for the Steam account linked to Gameflip. Using a different Steam account trade URL will result in an error.

Once you’ve done this, you should be able to complete this trade offer.

If there are any error messages similar to this, we pull them directly from Steam and may be caused due to any issues that Steam is experiencing. When this happens, you can always check out the following link to see if there are any issues will Steam that may be causing this: