Hi I'am waiting for my verification on my Mastercard

Hello sir, submitted now.

I dont know what is this means maybe this is the my pending code MasterCard 4337


Hello @SirPerseus,

I can see here that you submitted a credit card and digitally added your name to it. This is forbidden.

You informed me before that you were going to send pictures of your banking app with all the information and selfie.

Unfortunately, what you did is not allowed and your were suspended because of it.

God Speed! :trident:

Its already in there I didnt add my own name.
When you have paymaya and upgraded it you will have the name on it (Paymaya account)

I’ll send a video of it thats my name was already in there didnt do anything. i’ll just hide the other details of the account.

Hi this is the video I’ve been talking to you. I made this because you didnt believe its real.
Link: https://youtu.be/CA_JsRwGz-4

I hide my cellphone number & credit card numbers, month & cvc because it has money on it.

I hope it will be a clear for you that I didnt digitally add my name on it.

Hello @SirPerseus,

I can see in the video that you are using a bank app, but you sent a picture credit card and adulterated it adding a name afterwards in the verification. This is not allowed since it make your proof no longer genuine.

God Speed! :trident:

Thats the second option I did because the first was rejected so I think you will approved it because its not physical card.

@MajorTom help me please ;(