How did you find Gameflip?

Hi Gameflip community, I’ll admit that I had no idea about Gameflip when it launched. Then gamespot posted an article about it and thats what brought me here. So, what is it that brought you here to this community?


Well I found Gameflip just a couple of days before it launched official. It was advertised on my phone’s Facebook app. Simple message and a picture; “make more money then GameStop for your games!”. After looking at that, I just went right for it and…well here I am :slight_smile: I made my first sale the other week, so I’m just setting up other games that I want to sell also. I won’t sell to much stuff but it’s a good way to relive the game library of games that aren’t really on my radar anymore ya know? And to get money for it that actually feels like a profit rather then just something to try and get a stick of gum for actually is a huge bonus!

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I found it the same way. I run a podcast and its Facebook page, and I keep up with current gaming news. That’s when I saw the Gamespot article and decided to try it out. Gotta say, pretty awesome!