How do I change my Paypal account Linked to my Gameflip Account.

It has been almost a week now and I have been trying to figure out how to remove / change the paypal account I have linked to my gameflip account as I made a new paypal account and would like the money to be sent to my new one. Please can you guys reply as soon as possible because I would like to sell more items on the website and also have over $100 sitting in my balance waiting to withdraw it. My invite code is 8YVLPU

I have made 3 support tickets about it and none have been answered yet so it would help if I get a response here.

unfortunately you can’t change your paypal address linked to your account yet.

is there a reason why?

Imagine someone stole a few PayPal accounts… Unlike credit cards, there isn’t a strong reason for owning more than one PayPal account. PayPal allows you to add multiple banks and cards already.

I reached my limits on my last account and when I went to increase my limits paypal seen I made my paypal before I was 18 so they locked my old account. That is why I wanted to link my new paypal account.

I would of done bank transfer but you have to have a US bank account. Im from UK.

You have to make new gameflip account.

I got it changed so I will close this post now