How do I switch paypal accounts

I have a paypal account hooked up to my GameFlip right now, but I want to switch it with a new paypal account is it even possible and if so how can I do it…

@DunnBiscuit. This guy can help you

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Do you have at least 50 sales? The moderators will need your profile code to help you.

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Invite code QYK18M

Hello! Please open a ticket request about this and send me via PM the number. I’ll be able to provide you further help.


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I’m confused what do you want me to do?

Fill in the ticket form, submit the ticket, private message the moderator the ticket number.

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I filled in the ticket but I don’t see where the ticket number is

The ticket number looks like this: #317429. Did you get an email from

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Oh I see it now thank you