HOW TO CHANGE TRADE URL (please help getting angry)

I have looked everywhere and still can’t find where/how I can change my trade url

Go to your Settings menu, click on Steam Connect and paste your trade URL into the text field that appears on that screen. Thanks!

There is no steam connect there

You have 2 ways of changing your Steam trade URL within Gameflip

  1. On the website (, login and go to Menu > Settings as AponeGF said. Note that this option is not available on the mobile apps (yet).
  2. When making a skin purchase (on Checkout screen), you can enter the new trade URL.

Keep in mind that if this is your first time buying from GF, you must connect your Steam account with GF (permanent connection).

Hope that helps!

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It keeps popping this error “ArgumentError: Bad steam trade url” when I enter the new trade URL at Checkout screen too. This is extremely inconvenience. How to fix this?

Check that you copy & paste the trade URL from the same Steam account that connects to your Gameflip account. Some people have/use multiple Steam accounts and make this mistake.

if you are new in trading thing on steam here is the full guide how to find steam trade url and how to trade with friends or non-friends