how to get this new online tag which came couple days back

when i click on go online in pc,it says go to mobile app
in mobile ,i dont know where to change
anyone help pls fast

Anyone? help

Have you updated the Gameflip app?

Did you know how to change it ?

i’ve update the gameflip app and still don’t know how to do it

same …where is the option
to go online in mobile

I think it is still under develop / testing. As I could see only fresh has new online status.

i seen many with this status .like ez touch,etc etc

I have the same problem…

@shakirwani @hussein_yasser1 @Gamerland

Only the iOS app has that feature right now. If you are using Android, you can just change your display name in your profile page if you need to appear as “online”, like other sellers previously do.


I have the same problem. I own the mobile app, but there is no setting for the online status

Only iOS app has this feature for the time being.