how to private message?

A mod has asked me to PM them but can’t find where I can do this, I’m on ios if that matters…

Please, touch the Mod’s account so you can get to his page. There will be a button to send him a message.


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I can’t find the message button. Please tell me where it is.


The forum’s antispam requires a new user to browse the forum for 15+ minutes in order to use the private message feature. After you have done so you’ll see a “Basic User” badge on your own profile, go to the moderator’s profile and click Message. If you don’t see the button then relog on the forum.



For some reason it won’t let me send you a message privately. I had an issue with a purchase and it was under review (I was the buyer) and then we realized that the link
Got cut because it was so long. I got the correct link and completed the transaction and gave him positive ratings but now when I try to add funds to my wallet it says “can not add Funds when purchase is under review” even though it’s no longer under review?