I can’t login to my account

I just bought a few items today and have one pending currently still And as I was gonna contact the buyer I was automatically brought to login menu when I went to check my wallet balanace but When i try to get into my account every time I try logining into my google account nothing happens at all I get a little loading wheel then Nothing I could repeating doing this all day and nothing changes I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app changing my connected emails and stuff nothing is working

My account code is FVKN5P
My profile name is chill stoner


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I also encountered such a problem in the application on the new phone. I wrote about this to the developers, but have not yet received an answer. Just use your browser to enter Gameflip.

Hello @Chillstoner,

Sorry to hear about your issue.

Could you please provide me the ticket number for your reported problem?

God Speed! :trident:

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