i got new cards if you dont know

guys i got steam, xbox, playstation and itunes codes in autodelivery, all for USA region (US)

there is also a nice deal, that would be even more nicer if someone buy xd

there is some more in there

ignore the β€œ60% OFF” tag, i just copied $5 listing for itunes card and edited and its not displaying correctly on pc

its a limited discount so if you are interested, HURRY BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE BUYS IT :astonished::astonished::astonished::tired_face::tired_face:
im a legit card seller and now you can get $2.00 itunes card paying $1.98 instead of $2.61. the code comes from same supplier/source so you will get the same great quality paying less. a code that is surely going to work and won’t lock your account later, safer than some sellers on gameflip

limited discount made for new customers, there is more to pay than the card itself like gameflip and bank fees to sell and buy again one more card and some government taxes so i’m going to do this monthly. dont worry about my money loss on this, cheaper cards will give lower fees