I honestly need help. I've tried everything & can't sell anything.

So, I’m trying to become a seller on the site.

Problem #1 - " * You have been ID verified " It was rejected just now because it didn’t match the info on my profile, probably the name as the full name doesn’t match my real name (full name there is Mr Etho & not my real name, I can not edit it to my real name). Might as well make a new account? Oh wait, I’ve added my phone number to the account, and can’t remove it either to update my new account and re apply. (submitted my photo ID and all that fancy stuff). Might as well just scrap that idea then.

Problem #2 - “* You have added funds into your account after Jul 26, 2018” Just did it now actually, added 5$ (should be enough I hope). Still requires me to do the other steps that I can’t do. so F 5$

Problem #3 - “* You have added a credit or debit card to your Gameflip account (prepaid card is not included).” Well, that’s a funny story, tried adding it, says “EE country is not supported” (I’m from Estonia, and I have no idea why it won’t support it.

Problem #4 - “* You have a long and successful track record of selling on Gameflip” - Havne’t sold ANYTHING, however I’ve bought plenty. So there’s that.

conclusion - I can’t sell my stuff that I want to sell becuase everything I try is just blocked or it’s denied

Here are some pictures also regarding this - image

Please post your profile code so the moderators can look up your account.

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Your Code: 9F4G1X

Hello, after further checking your account, I could approve your ID, please see if you can sell normally now. If not, please PM me.

Thank you.

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