I need gift card buyers

Yeah, i cant sell other than this rate

I wanna buy in bulk at good price

how about minecraft keys?

I am looking for Razer Gold Pin (US), contact me if you can supply the code

im new to this but i have a 20$ steam card i would like to sell asap. no scams


No advertising/selling outside of Gameflip if your using Gameflip forums to promote your items. You can promote what your selling on Gameflip, but no selling outside of Gameflip.

AUD Google Play Gift Cards has been listed, I have up to $1,200 if you want more than what’s listed then let me know and I’ll upload, all have cash receipts, you can ask for the receipt after purchase if you wish.

Hey! Check out Verified Seller✅’s inventory on Gameflip. It’s awesome!

Click on the link to see listed cards, follow me to get notified when I post more items, you might find something you like, limited, only gift cards.

I can buy
Contact me

^^^ @khaled_alsanea

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You contact me, you have my link there or message me here, I will make the listing on here and you purchase them. No offense but all these new account I don’t trust, message me and I’ll list what you want on Gameflip.

Anyone can message me on what gift card they want from Australia, if you do that fast then I’ll get your card but if not I’ll get Amazon next, I can give up to 10% on any gift card from Australia, my cards are with cash receipt and not just codes, you can ask for the picture of the card and the receipt if you want…

Hundreds of giftcards for sale

What kind of cards? BTW - are there way to search GF by seller’s ID ?

Please don’t trust a new account or account asking you to do a transaction outside of gameflip platform, you’re most likely to loose your funds…

What do you mean by a seller’s ID? As in their profile code, or the product URL?

Well, let’s say " Runescape_Promotions" sells different items, how does one find them? I can’t find such a function in the search

You cannot search a certain persons’ search that way, but you can click on their profile and search an item that way.

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Right, after you navigated to one’s profile you can see their listings, but how do you navigate to profile?
By clicking on their item, right? Catch 22

I even tried to edit URL string, not working

Yes, click on the profile, then click on the search button on their profile.

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Hello guys
If you need a gift card, let me know and I’ll upload, you’d get it in few minutes.
I can only give 10% if you’re buying up to $500 and 5% off if you’re buying single card.