I want unban my account


Invite code : : 3K8FVU
I traded out of Gameflip because they contacted me via Facebook, unrelated to Gameflip. The code I sell is legal, I don’t sell it just a step to get the game, this is a mistake I expect Gameflip to review.
Monster Hunter World need buyer linked Steam with Nvidia Account Sir i only help them crate random account to help buyer , some buyer can’t buy on Gameflip so i tell them pay via Paypal im sorry i think it’s ok , i need Teamviewer to sure buyer can’t scam me but i very rare request it, i always tell buyer rate me as soon as they can,not tell them rate me before i send code , I think this is my negligence when I don’t understand the rules hope Gameflip unban me i still have 1000$ on Gameflip so big with me
If I violate why Gameflip does not prompt and help me understand the problem?
I have 300+ rate good no rate bad never scam , please un suspended my account


Selling accounts is prohibited on Gameflip man.


I don’t sell account i only help buyer crate random account to easy get game bro i already sent code


Please understand that i don’t try selling account ! Only sell game and digital code for buyer , buyer always give me good feedback


And you do not have the right to communicate with customers outside gameflip


I comunicate with other buyer outside Gameflip but they don’t use Gameflip they know me via wechat or facebook not via Gameflip


If that’s true, what are the reason you are banned then?


Using teamviewer is not allowed. You are supposed to explain all steps of activation of your products. Good description is 50% of marketing.

Contact the Gameflip via ticket here