Im selling keys for a GREAT price on Gameflip. (Rocket League)

I’m selling 310 keys for $209.09 USD, 150 keys for $99.99 USD, and 7 keys for $4.95 USD… Message me if you want to negotiate or buy them for the listed price. Thank you.

Hey I might buy. Pm me on the forum

Idk how to dm lol

:black_small_square: Browse the forums for little bit
:black_small_square: You should get a badge called Basic User after like 10 to 15 minutes.
:black_small_square: Once you get that click this HERE
It will take you to @Vladislav_Todorov profile.
Once you go to that link after you become a Basic User you will see message on there profile.

Message = Private chat with the person.

Being you’re new to the forums you currently have no Badges
(Please click the word badges to see your badges list. If you continue to use the forums overtime you will earn more of them. These will unlock more power on the forums)

I hope you enjoy Gameflip.
(If you have any questions just post them.
We here on the forums don’t bite :yum:)

Lucy :heart:

I messaged You