Issues with Facebook Login

Hello Flippers!

We detected that the Facebook login method isn’t working and our team is already working to find a solution. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA on when such a login method will be available again, but I’ll keep you guys posted through this forum post.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, just reply to this post as I’ll be checking and answering here.

Thank you,


Reply me already??

its been 2 days, my customers are getting mad at me and i’m unable to login! give me an alternative way to login! i’ve registered on gameflip using facebook and don’t have another way to login!

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same problem to me :c

They need to fix this ASAP! or pay in compensation of orders lost due to this!

Alright this is getting frustrating now! Give us an ETA of when will it be fixed!

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Kinda sad how I can’t even login to my 8 years old Facebook account when it is present in the skin but guess what it’s just keeps saying error when I enter a password or say try again honestly feel like the password has been changed and idk even know if it was me or someone else considering i was playing one of my account logged in games but it said i didn’t connect my account how strange but when i tried to log in again i saw i was kicked out of account to the same main menu from where i log in from

My customers are waiting on 1 day delivery.

some have opened disputes for 3 days, which m sure gameflip staff wont compensate for.

Just allow us to login via the email linked to facebook. This is extremely incompetent from gameflip and a problem like this should be resolved within a day, not days, or weeks.

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I have pending Orders which i cannot confirm.
Any news ?

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Hello guys,

I’m happy to inform you that the Facebook Login issue was resolved and now you can use such login method normally. I want to apologize for the time it took to solve the issue as it happened on the Facebook side and it took us some time to resolve this issue with them.

If you have any outstanding disputes that were caused by this issue, please open a ticket here so our team can help you further.