Keyword stuffing and Spamming listings

Anything being done about this? Can anything be done about this?

I know that under “Relevance” you don’t see that which is great. However if you ever sort via price by lowest, you’ll see how rampant it is.

With my own shopping experience when I do go buy. I don’t normally go by Relevance since I search for the exact thing I want and it usually pops up. Rarely does it get confused with an item from another game.

However once I got a list of items available I either sort by most Recent or lowest price. This is my shopping habits. I’m assuming others are like this. Only under those sortings do you see others spamming either keywords or listings.


Can you send me screenshots of what you are saying so I can better understand what is going on and help you further?


This is keyword stuffing (click expand/collapse)…

Check that thread again, guys, it’s all there.

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Here’s one where other items not related to what I’m following is showing up:

Down here is an example of the keywords the use for their listings allowing them to pop up all over in search.

I typed “efficient mechanical parts” as you showed on your follow search, and I got the correct listings (all titled “efficient mechanical parts”) on the first 3 pages. Perhaps there weren’t may “efficient mechanical parts” listings when you searched?

Did you go by most recent instead of relevance? Or by Lowest Price?

I just used the default setting (relevance I presume).

I guess this is working as intended? Or is it being worked on? Granted I know this sort of thing will take a while to fix but it be nice to know that it is being worked on or not. That way I can plan ahead on how to manage my business.