Not showing up in relevance feed

Solved, new search algorithm.

The change is a response to Search Algorithm
Listings with spammed keywords will be punished with lower search placement. The solution for sellers is to stop that tactic. You may see other listings with spammed keywords appearing on the top results for now, but in a few days if spammed keywords still rank higher than listings with “normal” descriptions then please report it in the forum.

Is there an official post that states this or just theory?

Hmm just checked, I’m not showing up either

Interesting, can you link your profile here?

Sure thing.

Is this happening with both your fortnite and rocket league items?

Appears to be happening with all types of in-game items, but not any games themselves

Unfortunate, older and trusted sellers are being punished for following trends while newer sellers are delegated to the front doing the same thing. An official statement on this would be great

Seems that its kind of random who it is affecting. For example, @Rays_Chop_Shop’s 130 Grave Digger listing is the second shown

It’s very possible we were specifically reported and they took action against us
So now instead of who spams the same keyword more its who can report who more. Great system if true (Sarcasm)

Try posting a normal listing without the spammed keywords. Are you able to see your listing within the first few pages of the search results?

The new search algorithm punishes listings, not users. No user is specifically targeted or being punished because they were reported for keyword stuffing. It is the listing themselves with the spammed keywords that should be buried by the new algorithm. It’s because the search is still being re-indexed that you see the old ones with spammed keywords still showing on the top results. Please give it time for the process to complete.


I see, thank you for the information, like I said before did you read this somewhere or did someone tell you?

I’m sure that they probably don’t want to disclose the system for displaying search results now due to a fear of abuse but it would be intriguing.

I would like to hope that it favours postive ratings but I await Gameflip feedback on this matter.

I didn’t think my post would see such a significant change from Gameflip. Bravo for effecting change but I do hope some more information is provided in relation to this.

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Will it permanently punish the listing? If a seller removes the spammed keywords will it eventually display naturally?

Update. It seems like my older listings, at least some of them, aren’t affected by this.

Yeah I definitely see it now. Its mainly 1 day old to week old listings being shown in front and new things are a few pages behind that. Interesting

Heres how I think it should matter:
Relevance - Matching items should always come first.
Seller Feedback and Age - SO MANY people are being scammed by scammers, either on their main or alt accounts (usually alts). If the first listing they saw was trusted, this would be less likely. Age is important, as many of these scammers are using alt accounts to boost their feedback. Feedback is also important, because it can show a good newer seller.
Price - A better price should be higher than a higher price from similar sellers.
Age - I think this should have VERY little effect. I think older listings should be shown first if similar sellers are listing the same item at nearly the same price.


Given the new search algorithms, I will cease putting search words in my listings. I am glad this is fixed because I frankly hated the idea and hated doing it. Even labeled the blob


So I will take all my stuff down tonight and re-list even if it hurts me in the short term just to follow suit.