Having trouble posting and seeing new post in feed?

Is anyone having trouble posting new listings and seeing them in the feed? Could be related to the new app update. Gameflip hasn’t been functioning properly since yesterday.

We received reports via ticket. Our development team is investigating. Thanks.

I have come to learn that this isn’t a bug or glitch in the system. It is a new search mechanism that Gameflip implemented. After seeing it in action, I must say with all due respect, it is illogical, primitive and it doesn’t make sense at all.

Here’s why: I have gamecube, digimon, fire emblem and n64 on my saved search list. Back then when someone posted something with that keyword, I got a notification and when I tapped on it, I will see their post. As of yesterday, when someone posted a Gamecube item, I tapped on it and saw, we’ll call it “BNM”. After the mechanism was implemented, whenever I got a notification for Gamecube and tapped it, I saw BNM. This holds true for other search results as well. If someone posted “Super Mario Sunshine GameCube Complete” everyone with Gamecube search result saved would get the notification that something GameCube posted, but will never see it unless we some how magically knew to search Super Mario Sunshine.

Hi op_jOkEr,

this user (puff puff play) has illegal stolen property (Redbox game rental barcode on the middle of the disc) and sold it to someone. When confronted about it by people in the Gameflip community, he laughed, mocked and gloated at them. This kind of lowly and illegal behavior should not be tolerated on Gameflip. Red Box has had this problem where people use a stolen credit card to rent games and not return them since it doesn’t affect them. This person likely used a stolen credit to get the game and sell it on Gameflip. Please suspend and eliminate unethical behavior like this.

Not sure what you mean here, but did you narrow your search before “follow”? For example, if you want to be notified postings on Gamecube, filter your search with platform = Gamecube then click “Follow”.

If you just type Gamecube in search, then you’d be notified with listings having text “Gamecube” in it, which is probably not what you want.

So if I’m interested in a Mario game for Switch (new), then I would enter search “Mario” and filter platform to Switch (like this: https://gameflip.com/browse/games/nintendo-switch?limit=36&page=1&term=mario) then save this follow search. I will be notified if someone post a listing matching this search.

No, I didn’t narrow my search. In the past, before the update, I can simply search gamecube, digimon and fire emblem and it will show me all items new and old. Now, when I search, all I see are old items from nearly a week ago. The newly posted ones don’t show at all. I didn’t change anything. The app changed how search results show up and it doesn’t make sense. Why limit what keywords show?

If you just use many keywords (term) then your search results would be quite broad. The default sorting is by relevance (matching as many of the keywords as possible), so you may not necessarily get the latest listings on top if they only match 1 keyword you ask for (have to scroll more).

I suggest creating multiple follows and each follow is more narrowly defined. What I do is to create one follow per console platform, so I don’t get listings that may be stuffed with keywords matching my search but under other platforms.

Great answers regarding the “search system” @TheFuBar! You described pricisely how it is working now.