Let's sail thru March with Flippy in a great journey!

Hello Flippers!

Flippy is now sailing through a vast and treacherous ocean with a new companion! “Flippy is ready to continue his travels. His magical boat is good to go. But hey, what is this? Is that another companion?.

Who is Flippy’s new companion? Stary tuned in to our Social Media to find out!

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As you already know, along with Flippy’s storyline, you will also find games, quests, and giveaways there!

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Let’s continue following Flippy’s journey and earn a lot!


Hello Flippers!

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Hello Flippers! Flippy is sailing towards a new and uncharted land with Violet its fox companion.

While sailing they face a huge storm - a great danger that they will need to surpass in order to get to this new land - they found a coupon within their ship:

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Hello Flippers!

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Hello Flippers!

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Hello Flippers! Ready for a coupon?

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Hello Flippers!

How is everyone? Have you been following Flippy and his new buddy Violet in their journey?

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Hello Flippers!

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Hello Flippers!

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