Looking for 12 Month Xbox live/PSN code in Bulk(weekly basis)

Hello, I am looking to buy Xbox live/PSN 12 Months in bulks consistently every week it has to be either global or USA locked either way works with me I don’t want to deal off of GameFlip and only verified users that could supply me the codes on a weekly basis(About 75-150 weekly). The code must be able to at least last in storage upward toward a year long. Please do comment below if you are able to or even shoot a PM so we can discuss about price but the prices I am looking for is below. If you are close to the price do also PM me so we can discuss more about it :smiley: Also you can look at my GameFlip account you can see I purchase weekly in bulks consistently. https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:1becf372-a308-4060-9fbd-dc8332af1eb0

Xbox live gold 12 Month- $40
PSN Plus 12 Months- $31

It’s funny that you copy/pasted my same exact profile description lol.

Anyway, good luck to you! I doubt you will find a trusted supplier that can sell PSN Plus 12M for $31. Be careful of those sellers that sell bad codes that get used/cancelled in a couple of days.

:smiley: yup I saw it off from another poster here awhile back with the description and it fit perfectly for my need and used it. Also thank you, I was able to find a few great supplier but not with enough code for weekly basis. But thank you for the warning and looking out for one and another!