my account banned wrongly accused

Hello my account just banned
Reason shows: Account Banned (Selling codes as “instant delivery” but didn’t inform the code to buyers in time. )
After get warning on march i never did it why my account suspended ?
@MajorTom @DarkKnight please check this
Invite code CM72TH

you can check it last months i never listed instant delivery

Forum moderators need your profile code in order to help you. You have the ability to private message, so you could go to their profile and click on Message.

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i never repeat my mistake after 03/19,
now i got suspend they says, " did it but i never did after 03/19, im very sure
i know what i did what didnt. how this is possible ?
how i can explain my this situation?
who got ban wrongly ? what you did in this case ?
im not new seller and i have 1800+ positive feedback

im still waiting response from Support and moderators
if you are sure that i did it please send me screens of when i did.
i cant understand whats going on, lets check when i listed without code after 1 time?
my account suspended wrongly im very sure

Hello superdealgc,

After further looking into your account, I went ahead and removed the suspension for you.

:trident: New forum moderators!

@MajorTom thank you, i said that i didn’t it but no one didn’t checked it careful
Thanks again

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@MajorTom please after gameflip suspend my account wrongly my open orders all failed and i see i got auto negative feedbacks please remove my last 7 auto feedbacks thank you

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