Need help regarding a payout

Hello. It’s my first time posting in here, I didn’t want to bother but I don’t know what to do. So I sold a dota 2 skin on gameflip and got 150$. I checked it out using Paypal. Now, Gameflip messaged me that they already sent the payout request to paypal but my ACCOUNT NEEDS TO BE FULLY VERIFIED to receive the payout. I didn’t know about this and I don’t think that my paypal is verified because I don’t have a bank or card link to it. I can’t also link one now. What happened to my money? Can I still receive it? my balance on Gameflip shows 0$ now but I didn’t get the money to my paypal yet. Any mods please help. Thank you

Hello, please contact me via PM and send me your invite code so I can check this for you.