Overwatch Beta Thoughts

So the beta for Overwatch just came out today and for the people who are playing it or has seen gameplay of it. Do you think Blizzard’s very first fps is a fail or a win? I think that Overwatch looks great so far and I hope they send me a beta code, but what do you guys think?

From the early impressions that I’ve seen from it, I think it’ll do well. But that’ll probably be just because it’s by Blizzard. They only release polished games and will keep pushing a game back until then. So my only concern is with all these other shooters coming out sooner, will people still want to play? Either which way, I just hope that Overwatch will be able to bring shooters into the mainstream eSports scene.

Yeah I agree, I’m not worried about this game because it’s blizzard, and they have a really good track record. I just hope since it’s their very fps it will actually be good.