Owners of few accounts

Hi dear friends and users of GF. I want to know why some sellers have few accounts on marketplace? I read ToS and I know about forbidden things like multiples accounts. So, one person have not right to own and use more than one account on marketplace. I have to know, why some people can have few accounts and they still sell items, gift cards? I wrote few reports, but support team did nothing!!! Any ideas?

Because it is not forbidden.

Are you sure about it?

It wasn’t forbidden but maybe they changed it

You can have 2 accounts but breaking rules on one account will suspend all of your accounts.

Many thanks for clear answer without taking out information from context.
So, I don’t really understand why some sellers with suspended accounts still sell items from other their accounts?

Hello, having multiple accounts isn’t forbidden, but I wonder there is any need to have multiple accounts.

Can you share with me profile from sellers that had other accounts suspended as you reported so I can investigate this further?


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