Two account by 1 seller

I have a question, i’m seller here of cs:go skins with 9000+ score and i wanna make new account to sell in different way and no cs:go skins (no to scam etc). Is good to make new account and use two account to sell by one person? I don’t wanna make new account for bonuses etc, only to sell from both of them.

The problem is no one would know it’s you since all your reputations don’t transfer over. Even if you use the same avatar, it can be reported or seen as impersonation.

What’s the benefit of creating another account?

Hey @Pawel_Chojecki

You may create a second account, but as @TheFuBar said, there is no way of transfering the ratings.

Also you will need a second phone number/steam account and paypal account to link into it as well.